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I Cry
In Memory of Sammy Curtis Garner, 12-8-80 to 8-21-99

I cry not for you,
but I cry for us.
  I cry not because you are gone from us,
but because you left us behind.
  I cry because I don't know the beauty and love
that you feel and see. 
I cry not because I think you're sad,
but because we are sad.
I cry not because the love is gone,
but I cry because our love for you is so strong.
  I cry for us because we weren't ready to give you up.
  I cry not because you're not here with us,
but that we are not there with you.
  I cry not that your beautiful soul was lifted up to Heaven.
I cry because you left us here on Earth
so full of emptiness without you.
   I cry for all of those who loved you so dearly.
   I cry not for where you are,
but for where we are and that we are not with you.
  Every tear drop that falls are tears of joy and of gladness
that you were such a wonderful part of our lives.
I cry because we are not with you to experience
the beauty and splendor of a place so wonderful and simply perfect.

© Nancie White, December 1993. All rights reserved.
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The family web site says, "Sammy...was taken from us after only 18 years of the result of riding with a drunk driver. Our family has suffered a very tragic loss....If you love someone, always tell them. You never know when your last opportunity will be. And never let someone you know Drink and Drive. Take the keys from them. At least they'll be able to thank you the next day!"

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