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Since the accident, I hear people say,
“Everything’s gonna be okay.”
When I hear this, I want to scream.
The people who say it Are on the wrong team.

My friend was taken; A part of my heart went with her.
People tell me I’ll be better; I beg to differ.
That drunk driver came out of nowhere
And crashed into my friend.
And at the hospital I cried, Because I heard the end.
The day we buried her in the ground
Was the most heartbroken day I’ve ever had.
To see her there—So silent, So cold—
You won’t believe the feeling
To know your friend won’t come back.
No more phone calls, No more sleepovers;
All because a kid thought it was cool to drink and drive.

And people try to tell you, “It’s gonna be okay.
You’ll get over it, You’ll move on, Take it day by day.”

Maybe if they were feeling What I’m feeling now,
They’d know: It’s not gonna be okay.
’Cause “the okay” would only be
To have my best friend back,
For the phone calls, The sleepovers,
For the big friendship things.
Just to go back and make that kid think.

If only it were possible And the heartbreak would go away,
But if it doesn’t happen now, Then I hope it will one day.
’Cause this hole in my heart Is waiting to be filled.
’Cause only then will everything be okay.

© 20 February 2001, Jessica Wettig [e-mail: limegreenguitar(at)]. All rights reserved.

Jessica says, “I wrote this poem for the families and friends who have lost their loved ones by drunk drivers. And to express their feelings on why the only 'okay' will be to have them back.”

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