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Why were you taken from me? Why did it have to be you?
Why did you have to drink and drive, after everyone told you not to?
Did you not see the train, coming fast at the car,
from where I lost another friend (it wasn’t very far)?
Were the lights not working? Or did you think you wouldn’t lose?
It was your choice to drink and drive; it was up to you to choose.
The day we laid you to rest, your mom’s eyes were full of tears.
Why were you taken from us after only 18 years?

Tears filled my eyes, the second I found out.
My mind all in confusion, didn’t know whether to cry, run, or shout.
That day, March 1st, I lost one of my best friends,
realizing you were dead, that this wasn’t just pretend.

“I’ll see you at graduation,” you said. “I promise I’ll be there.”
Those were your last words to me.
As I crossed the stage, down my face ran a tear.
I knew you were there, in my heart and in my mind,
wishing that I could talk to you again, at least just one more time.

On the day of your funeral,
I’ll never forget the look in your mom’s eyes,
as she laid on my shoulder and continued to cry.
You were there for me always, everyone else, too.
It’s hard to describe how much we all truly love and miss you.
To lay you to rest, it was hard to say goodbye.
Don’t know yet if I truly have, but I will continue to try.

I know I’ll see you again someday. I don’t know when I will,
but on that day that we meet again, that hole in my heart will fill.

In Memory of David E. Weins
(June 2, 1981 - March 1, 2000)

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