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DUI Victim Support


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Eleven year old Clinton watched in horror as the truck struck first his sister and then his friend. His sister’s life was spared; his friend Mark’s was not. All were victims. All have sacrificed the quality of their lives. Costs are not only monetary.  (The hit and run alcohol-impaired driver paid a smaller price—6 months in jail and monthly compensation payments to Mark’s family for several years.)
Advocates & Support Groups

DUI Victim Impact Panels – DUI offenders and students listen to sobering accounts from victims and their families

MADD, U.S. Chapters – Mothers Against Drunk Driving, United States

MADD, Canadian Chapters – Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Canada

SafeRoads – Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety (U.S.)

Compensation Programs

United States Crime Victim Compensation Programs – State programs on the Internet

Memorial Webrings

SOARS1 – webring memorial site

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