Move to no BAC – Zero Tolerance For DUI

Please Don’t Drink and Drive!
In memory of Mark Andrew Engle
6/29/77 – 12/31/91

Mark's sign (located at the crash scene in Clinton, WA). Click here for information about this D.O.T. traffic memorial sign program.

two of Mark's writings are quoted on his gravestone in Coupeville's Sunnyside Cemetery (WA)
Fatal injuries
Mark Engle, 14, 14 year old DUI victima freshman at South Whidbey High School in Langley, Washington—who had been walking with 3 friends on the shoulder of a county road—never regained consciousness after being struck by a Ford F-150 pickup whose impaired driver had steered into the shoulder of the road where they were walking. But because Mark had exhibited brain activity at the scene of the vehicle-pedestrian crash, ambulance medics and hospital doctors tried valiantly to revive him.
Shortly after his arrival to the hospital, however, Mark was pronounced dead. His injuries had been too severe:
          • shattered bones (pelvis, neck, back, upper legs, and ribs)
          • massive internal damage
          • internal hemorrhaging

Poems In Memory Of Mark:
        • Don’t Cry For Me, by Mark’s friend Toby Baldwin
        • Shopping Day, by Mark’s mother, Jackie Engle
        • a Letter to the Editor with roadside jingles by Mark’s maternal grandmother, Wilma Dykstra
        • more roadside jingles by Wilma Dykstra

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