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One Night’s Fun

Never paused to think,
Never thought to care,
Oblivious of the consequences,
Ignorantly unaware.

It’s just a few beers
And a bit of laugh,
Speeding for the fun of it,
“I’m in control - I won’t crash!”

No, you couldn’t see me then.
You sure as hell can’t see me now.
One night’s forgotten fun.
Why, what for, and how?

His car flew like an asteroid.
Car lights flashed by in beams.
In one split second he had killed his son.
Later I’d discover
He’d murdered my dreams.

“My God! I have,
I’ve lost control.
And now, Can’t think.
My’s gone."

Police cars light up
The night’s evil sky.
One dead, No two.
Onlookers gasp and cry.

Can’t think straight, now.
This can’t be real.
My life...what’s happened?
My legs I can’t feel.

Dad, please tell me
It isn’t true.
Take me home. Where’s my mum?
Where’s my sister, too?
Why do you look like that
With tears in your eyes?
You say the doctors can’t make me better,
And I know God can’t hear my cries.

Once I thought, I could choose my fate.
I wish to take it back. But, no, it’s too late.
Once I thought, I knew my path.
Once I thought, My happy life would last.

You’re not even here
To share some of our pain.
I cannot forgive you,
And you’re not here to blame.

© Ella Provan [hipnhappenin21(at)], 2002.
All rights reserved.

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