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Drunk Driving Is No Fun

Why was he so irresponsible?
Was it that he didn’t care?
Didn’t he think about his actions?
Why was he so unaware?

Lives were held in his careless hands,
And he treated it all like a game.
Now he lives no longer,
His actions are to blame.

Drink driving is no fun,
It doesn’t make you proud,
It brings devastation and regret,
Not just for you, but innocent people.

You have no idea,
The pain that you have caused,
Now I can only wonder,
What could have been before.
It makes me angry because it could have been different,
It makes me mad and want to cry,
We have to pay for your mistake,
Left now to wonder why.

You paid the ultimate price,
For you lost your life that night,
But you can’t see the anger you have caused,
As my dreams drift out of sight.

Nothing can be changed,
All I can hope is that others can learn,
So they won’t be the cause of an accident,
And it won’t be someone else’s turn.

© Ella Provan [email: hipnhappenin21(at)],
May 16, 2001. All rights reserved.

Ella says, “When l was ten years old, l was in a car accident and the other car which crashed into us, the driver–who died at the scene–was three times over the alcohol limit. The accident left me paralysed from the chest down and although, unlike many of the victims in your poems, I do have a normal life, it has taken many of my hopes away and my life has been much harder than I ever anticipated.”

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