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Don’t Drink and Drive Anymore

Kids on a street corner
Comes a car from afar
Hits them with horror
Blood all over the boulevard

It’s not my fault police officer
The kids jumped in front of me
I’m a very safe driver
All I drank was a bloody Mary

As the driver defends his reputation
Sorrow invades the families’ situation
Tears wash away the blood on the floor
Knowing they won’t see their kids anymore

These accidents happen all over the world
Drinking and driving is the biggest reason
Help spread this poem to be read and heard
Drinking and driving is criminal and cannot be forgiven

Imagine it was someone you loved and cared for
Dying or forced to fight an unwished emotional war
Before you become the cause of a little girl on the floor,
Don’t drink and drive anymore

© Ben Moubarak, 2000. All rights reserved.
(Author’s e-mail: ben.andy at

Ben Moubarak began writing about drinking and driving because of a radio broadcast’s Graduation Poem (aka “Death of an Innocent”) that had touched him in a deep way.  Ben wrote “Don’t Drive and Drive Anymore”, above, after hearing a story of two teenagers who were struck while walking with another teenager and an eleven year old. At first that driver seemed horrified but later told a friend that it was the kids’ fault.

The Road That Knew Better

Every once in a while, people die.
The most common reason is alcohol.
Why do people drink and drive? Why
donít they know itís a bad way to fall?

They dirty me with their blood every time,
But the city is nice enough to wash me after.
Once a little girl told me that she was only nine;
Then she asked me if she would ever see her mother.

From above came an angel to take her away.
The little girl waved goodbye and left me her body.
She stopped crying as a light guided her way,
But her family didnít approve of such a destiny.

Humans never seem to learn from their mistakes.
Men women and children are dying for nothing,
Causing many headaches and heartbreaks.
Many victims and sorrow—because of drinking and driving.

I’m just a road that you can follow
or the last thing you’ll see alive.
If you want to live for a better tomorrow,
don’t drink and drive.

© Ben Moubarak, 2000. All rights reserved.
(Author’s e-mail: ben.andy at

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