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18 April 2004
A.W-S. writes,  “I would like to thank you for finding the background of the poem ‘Class Ring’. I recieved [sic] the poem, uncredited, in a chain e-mail years ago. I kept a copy because I thought it was very inspirational, but I was always curious who wrote it. When I came across the copy, I did a search and found your site. I think it's great that you make such an effort to find the author of poems and give credit to the correct person. Keep it up--you're working for a great cause.”
16 April 2008
staceeeee orvis writes,  “i knew mark engle, the boy in the forever fourteen section on this site. i went to his funeral, and to this day i still can smell the sweet scent of the flowers around his casket. my cousin, jimmy, was his best friend. jimmy was never the same after mark's death. i still visit his grave, and cannot believe that the 14 yr old body in that casket would be 31 this year. i myself have chosen to not drink, and i educate who i can about drinking and driving. i also have become the DD, which anyone at anytime can call and i will be there for them. please think twice about drinking then driving, for you want to remember the sweet smell of flowers from your wedding or graduation not from a loved one's funeral. thank you.”

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