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She Only Wanted To Cross The Street

At the end of a great and happy day—
Before she crossed—she looked both ways;
It seemed safe; the coast was clear;
No cars were coming, not a one was near.

So the girl—so young, innocent, and sweet—
Made her way across the empty street.
A car came speeding out of nowhere
And hit the poor girl without a care.

He sped away and left her on the ground—
Left her to die—no one else around.
The driver soon hit a telephone pole.
Neither one had a chance to reach their goal.

And after their bodies had been found—
In the cemetery, six-feet underground,
Was where they then laid their heads
To rest forever in cold coffin beds.

He had been drunk—had no control to drive—
And because of alcohol, neither one is alive.
All she wanted to do was cross the street;
Now she’s gone; her heart no longer beats.

So before you drive, please don’t drink;
You don’t want to be driving along a brink.
And before you get yourself into a fix,
Remember: drinking and driving just don’t mix.

© Sarah Marie Klaren [sarah(at)]. All rights reserved.

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