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Innocence Lost
Dedicated to a most treasured little boy, from all his family!

A breath of fresh air, A smile so bright,
Innocence lost, One tragic night.

A beautiful soul Full of life and joy,
Innocence lost Of an 8 year old boy.

Our hearts will ache For many years,
Our eyes will cry, Many of tears.

This loss of a child Will never be in vain,
He will remain close by, He will always be our Shane.

Innocence lost, Tragic but true,
Together in our family, His memory will pull us through.

We will miss you, Shane, And we will never forget
The happiness and joy you brought, This you can bet.

May you rest in peace With Richy, Jeremy, and Nicole,
Watching down over our families And blessing our souls.

© 25 Mar 2003, by Susan Keller
(susank178(at) All rights reserved.

Ms. Keller writes, “This is a poem I wrote for my nephew Shane after being killed in a drunk driving crash along with his Aunt Nicole and 2 cousins Richy and Jeremy.”

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