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Smiling Face
In Memory of Jamie Lynn Douglas

On my way to work today, I drove past the place
everything changed that day, we lost a smiling face
a wooden cross is all that remains to remember a friend
my life sure did change that day, as hers came to an end

Jamie Lynn was her name,
I'll always have the memory of her smiling face
I'll never forget the way
she touched us all with her grace

And oh, I miss her smiling face
and the music her sweet voice made
and the way her smile shined
oh, such a beautiful sight

On my way home tonight, I'll stop by the site
I'll bring flowers for my friend, and my prayers to her I'll send
in heaven up high
in my eyes there is a tear, as i say good-bye
to a smiling face
we miss you, Jamie

© 2002 Steven Michael Grant, Martinsburg WV. All rights reserved.

The poem is about a friend of the author's who died in a 1999 DUI crash. The driver was also a friend of the author's. They had been on the way to take Jamie home after drinking at a party when the crash happened. The author wants this poem to "help friends not let friends drive drunk".

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