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Poems Against Impaired Driving


The pole is in your windshield.
Glass is scattered everywhere.
No one remains in the vehicle.
The kids are lying on the pavement,
Crying, screaming, taking their last breaths.

While you’re standing there, staring, wordless,
A tear slowly runs down your face
As if you know what just happened.
Taking those sips as you drove was smart, wasn’t it?
How could you be so dumb?

You just killed the ones you love.
All you did was think of you.
You didn’t think of how much they loved you.

How could you?

They were your own blood.
Now they will never see day or night again.
They had no clue what you were doing.
They did not know you were doing wrong.
They were too young.
Something you should know now.

Why did you?
You never thought it would happen to you,
Did you?
What were you thinking?

You were too smart and
Too intelligent for anything
That bad to happen to you,
That’s why you did it.


A habit did not cost you your life.
It cost you the ones
You’re supposed to love
And respect the most.

Now you’re lying in bed every night
With a conscience
Letting you regret
But not bring back
What you have done!

Author Unknown.
©, Amanda Gier, 1998-2000, whose web site first published "Smashed!", along with 18 other poems about the consequences of drunk driving: All rights reserved.

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