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A Cruel Joke

Why do they joke? It’s not funny
to say he’s dead.
How cruel.

I know we’re not dating now
but I still care
whether he lives or dies.

Oh no, you mean he really is dead?
A drunk driver
killed him?

I still can’t believe it. My dad will call his mom
and get this mess
straightened out.

He’s dead? It’s true? No! No! No!
He can’t be dead.
He’s only fourteen.

© J. M. Engle, 2001. All rights reserved.
(Author’s e-mail: jme1304 at

A father couldn't imagine that anyone would stoop so low to tell such a horrible lie to his teen daughter, but he also couldn't imagine that this young lad was dead so he called the lad's mother who told him the sad truth that her son had been killed by a drunk driver.

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