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DUI Poems

To All Who Drink and Foolishly Drive

You’re the one who made the choice
to take that drink and drive,
And because of your stupidity,
innocent children had to die!

The football star and class clown,
the cheerleader and poet,
Taken young, before their time,
gone before you know it!

Friday nights and football games
will never be the same.
My heart will always miss a beat
when someone calls their names!

A prom dress in the closet,
a poem that won’t get done,
A joke that won’t hear laughter,
a new play that won’t get run!

The innocence that was always there
in everything they’d do,
The way they made me feel
when they said, "Mom, we love you!"

She was going to be a teacher,
elementary, special ed.,
He wanted to be an architect,
but now those dreams are dead!

They had such hope and promise,
but they never had a chance.
There won’t be a graduation,
no pomp and circumstance!

They’ll never get to marry
or have children of their own,
Because the cemetery at Sacred Heart
has now become their home!

Don’t ask for my forgiveness,
because I can’t give that to you.
You see, you didn’t just take my children,
you took my best friends, too!

© Margaret Dunn, 2001. All rights reserved.

(Margaret Dunn’s poem was published online by ( and published in hardback by The International Library of Poetry ("Devotions Of The Mind", ©2001, p.108)

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