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I Still Remember

In Memory of Chris Grim, 2-14-79 to 9-30-96

The night at the bowling alley when we first met
I wrote down your number
So I wouldn’t forget
And I’ve still got the paper that I wrote it on
I never imagined
One day you’d be gone
I still remember...

The first time you came to see me
We played cards and talked for a while
And through it all I thought there’d be
More nights like that, more smiles to see
It seems I took for granted
All the things that shouldn’t be
I still remember...

The nights spent sitting on the driveway
Talking and listening to the radio
And I always knew you’d stay
A little longer if I asked you to
But last time you had no choice
You had to leave anyway
I still remember...

The time at the football game
The wind was so cold we were shaking
But we stood at the top of the stadium all the same
Listening to the noise the crowd was making
We were standing still
While time was racing
I still remember...

The night we were riding around
In your truck you called Little Red
Your voice was the only sound
That I could hear inside my head
And if I’d known what would happen
So many things I would have said
I still remember...

The time we raced to your house
Because lunch was only thirty minutes
Michelle opened up the cabinet
To see what was in it
We saw some “people crackers”
And died laughing at the thought of it
I still remember...

The nights spent watching The Lion King
We knew each and every line
But we didn’t know what the future would bring
Or that we didn’t have much time
And there were days, and weeks, and months
That silently slipped on by
I still remember...

The day we carved the pumpkin
For Halloween that year
And I didn’t know it then
But it was the last one you would see
Because you were gone the next September
So far away from me
I still remember...

So many memories of you
Flood my mind sometimes
But that’s all I have to cling to
On this mountain that I climb
I wish that I could see you
But the clouds are in the way
I still remember...

The way you’d walk up to me
And smile from ear to ear
And I’d smile back at you
Just glad that you were there
You always had a way
To let me know you cared
I still remember...

The way you’d make me laugh
Because of the crazy things you’d do
Or the way you’d put your hand in my back pocket
To keep me close to you
And the way you’d say, “I love you, baby”
Just to make sure I knew
I still remember...

The day I told you to wear your seatbelt
And try not to drive so fast
But you didn’t remember one time
And it proved to be your last
But all the days before
You’d just smile at me and say
“Don’t worry baby, I’ll be fine”
And go on about your way
I still remember...

Then hours before you crashed
Mindy and I were lying on the bed
And we came across your yearbook picture
“I should page him,” I said
But it was late, and I didn’t want to bother you
So we went to sleep instead
I still remember...

She took me home the next day
We started through my neighborhood
We saw the orange paint along the way
I’d change it all if I could
We pulled into the driveway
And there my mom stood
I still remember...

I got out of the car
And made a joke or two
As she led me in the house
Because she already knew
She said she was being serious
So I sat down to hear the news
I still remember...

Vaughn was sitting on the couch
And I was a little surprised
To see him there without you
His pain he well disguised
Mom looked at me
And started to speak
I still remember...

“Chris died in a car wreck last night”
I’ll never be able to put into words
Exactly what happened or what it felt like
My heart sank lower than ever before
And my eyes filled with tears as I started to cry
I ran down the stairs and out the front door
I still remember...

I looked at the sky
And felt so small
I couldn’t talk
I wanted to die
My whole world fell before me
All I could do was cry
I still remember...

I have a son now
He was born on your birthday
I guess you didn’t want me to forget
But I wouldn’t anyway
The days carry on, and time passes by
But I still remember...

It will be five years
When September rolls around
Yet even time can’t stop the tears
From falling to the ground
I think about you a lot
And wish so bad you were here
Because I still remember...

© Cynthia Duff, 2001. All rights reserved.
Author’s e-mail: oceansky01 at

Seventeen year old Chris Grim died before he had a chance to really live. He was taken off of life support the day after his crash, on September 30, 1996, and he died a short time later. Cynthia says, “Death is an equal opportunity employer. Yes, you only live once.....and you also only die once. This isn’t a game folks....there ARE no second chances.”

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