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Never A Day Passes That I Do Not Remember

Never a day passes that I do not remember.
Yet, I must admit that it becomes
more difficult with passing time
To retrieve from my memory
The precise cadence of your laugh,
The intricate design of your features,
The spring in your step.

But never a day passes that I do not remember.
I remember in the absence of things,
The cheerfulness,
The beauty,
The energy,
The passion you brought to life,
The empty seat at the dinner table.
I remember because I hurt for things that are no more.

And never a day passes that I do not remember.
I remember in the presence of things,
The photographs,
The funny expression,
The quick step on the back stairs,
Your favorite sandwich,
The colours of life you enjoyed,
The love stamped indelibly on my heart.

Sounds grow faint,
Visions fade.
Sometimes I am frustrated by that,
Then I remember that your memory
Pulsates in every beat of my heart:
Love keeps it alive.

Never a day passes that I do not remember.
And quite often
When I remember
I cry.

© Rev. Allen G. Downey [e-mail address unknown], December 1993. All rights reserved. (First published on the now-defunct

Rev. Downey dedicated this poem "to those whose lives have been robbed by the violent crime of impaired driving and those who remain to bear the pain."

Please do not copy a poem without first receiving permission from the poem’s author or Then, be sure to add the author’s name, copyright date, and a link to the author’s e-mail address or to your copy of the poem.

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