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Peer Pressure

I swore I wouldn’t ever drink, Mom,
But sure enough I did.
It was the first time ever, Mom,
I did it for the other kids.

They hassled me and called me names
until I took my first drink.
Then they started playing games,
and to the ground I began to sink.

No one would drive me and on my way home, Mom,
I didn’t see the other car;
But I suddenly realized, Mom,
That tonight, things had gone too far.

By the time I finally saw it, Mom,
I guess I had to swerve.
As I got hit, Mom,
Everything was a blur.

The last words that I got to say, Mom,
were “Please forgive me—what I did was wrong.”
I am so scared and alone, Mom,
Listen close – do you hear that song?

Please hold me close, Mom,
The light is drawing near;
They say I have to go, Mom,
Please have no fear.

© Eugina Depasse, 2000. All rights reserved.
Author’s e-mail: eugina_520(at)

Eugina says this poem is similar to “Death of an Innocent” which she said she wrote when in high school—but “Peer Pressure” is from the perspective of the drunk driver rather than the innocent victim.

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