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Confused Drivers
The drinking public is confused on what constitutes drunken driving.

We have been given mixed messages by the Department of Licensing (DOL).

Washington State’s maximum blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) is now .08 percent for any adult who drives a privately-owned vehicle, while the driver of a vehicle requiring a Washington State Commercial Driver License is penalized for any amount of BAC over .00 percent.

Additionally, teens get a message that while there are sanctions against them now for driving under the influence, they will be permitted to drive under the influence when they become adults.

Study the death and injury statistics.

Stop the nonsense. Move to no BAC—Zero tolerance for all drivers.

Follow the suggestions of the Washington State Driver’s Guide to wait one hour for EACH alcoholic beverage consumed—before driving anywhere.

I commend drivers who are part of the DUI solution by driving sane and sober.

Your Thoughts
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