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DUI Poems

A Desolate Highway

A senseless act
by one so uncaring
reckless driving
down a desolate highway.

An innocent car load
a family with children
happily driving
down a desolate highway.

A poison is present
Infected the brain
of the noncaring driver
on the desolate highway.

Going to Grandma’s
Driving all night
the kids are asleep
on the desolate highway.

The driver is speeding
clocked nearly at 90
with no sense of perception
down the desolate highway.

Mama is sleeping
while Daddy is driving
The moon softly shines
over the desolate highway.

The poisoned driver
reaches a bend
recklessly turns
down the desolate highway.

Daddy is singing
to help keep awake
he reaches a bend
on the desolate highway.

In the blink of an eye
with the turn of a wheel
two worlds collide
on the desolate highway.

One world of peace
one world of regret
thrust together
on the desolate highway.

The children wake up
along with their mother
instantly killed
on the desolate highway.

The driver is thrown
for no seatbelt was worn
look at his body
on the desolate highway.

The father still lives
he screams and he cries
his whole life was ended
on that desolate highway.

What’s he to do
Alone with two wrecks
4 bodies are strewn
on the desolate highway.

The poison is there
in the cab of the car
the ominous killer
on the desolate highway.

© Megan Callahan (New Jersey) during the
National Youth Summit to Prevent Underage Drinking,
May 10 to 13, 1997. All rights reserved.
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