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Last walk, Last meal
Last time I’ll feel the way I feel
Last kiss, last embrace
Last time I saw your face
Last call, last drink to quench the demons thirst
Last time his selfishness put his desires first
Last words, “I’m ok to drive.”
Last reasoning’s of a fool
Last time he’d have to lie.
Last time I heard my children’s voice it was amplified on a phone.
Last time I’d take for granted that I would soon be home.
Last reaction was unavoidable, the lights came head on.
Last peaceful sound before the crash was the sound of my last song.
Last fear I had was the inevitable, jousting with juggernauts of steel.
Last attempt of a rescue was an airbag in a wheel.
Last sensation was the rain and cold steel embedded in my chest.
Last time I tried to run away from the strong dark grip of death.
Last prayer I prayed was for my family, pleading God to strengthen them.
Last tear I shed was for my acceptance that my life was soon to end.
Last recollection of my children, last remembrance of my wife.
Last short film that I’d ever see was the picture of my life.
Alas life reduced to a statistic, of the dead and of the survivors.
I am now among the dead, killed by a drunk driver.

© Ezra Blaine, 2008. All rights reserved. First published 10-14-08 on Authspot at".
(Other Ezra Blaine poems are at

NOTE: Author says, "Avoidable deaths are those committed by drunk driving."

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