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The Baby I Never Took Home

The day you were born was the most joyous of my life
I held you in my arms, and I held you all night
I counted all your toes and your fingers, too
I watched as you looked at me with eyes of baby blue

For the next two days, I learned the "mother" thing
how to bathe, feed, and "cool" nusery songs to sing
I was kind of happy and a bit scared of you
'Cause everything to me was all so new

We were going home today, I wrapped you up tight
I placed you in your car seat, hoping I did it right
We thanked all the nurses and the staff on our floor
I placed you in our van and gently shut the door

We drove about 3 blocks, and all happened so fast
Another car was coming right at us full blast
I can’t remember too much, except the loud bang
and our van flipping over again and again

I woke in the hospital, like it was I never left
But all around me I could sense someone’s death
My husband...where was he? I needed him so
Someone, please tell me, “Where’d my baby go?”

A minister came in and held my hand
Told me a drunk driver hit our van
He said a prayer and how he was sorry for my loss
And gave to me a baby angel and a beautiful gold cross

Two days have passed; I sit in a church
I don’t make a sound
I just wonder why I had my heart ripped out
And now it’s being placed in the ground

I often think of you as the years go by
Then the tears start welling up in my eyes
I imagine you’re still here with me,
and how big you've grown
But because of someone drinking and driving,
now I will never have known.
Three days with you was a blessing,
And, now, you rest
For one day I will get to hold you, again
'Till that day, I love you, angel,
My daughter, my baby, my best friend.

© Juanita Bezanson, April 28, 2002. All rights reserved.
(Author’s e-mail: snuggles_2u(at)

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