Move to No BAC:  Zero Tolerance For DUI

DUI BAC - How To Avoid A DUI


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Designate, or Drive Sober

Mothers Against Drunk Driving – Campaign to eliminate drunk driving
Safe Driver Tips – Stay alert and fatigue-free.

Learn the DUI Laws

Washington Driver Guide (PDF) - 116 pages, takes awhile to 'download' on a dial-up connection
Washington Commercial Driver Guide (PDF) - 302 pages, takes awhile to 'download' on a dial-up connection

Assess Our Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

Alcohol Affects Driving Skill – BAC Levels, Impairment, & State/Country Maximums Chart
Compute your DUI BAC level – The Intoximeters Inc. Drink Wheel

Recognize Our Personal Limit

Alcohol and Your Body – How alcohol affects you
“Let’s Party Tips” – If you plan to drink....   [Editor's Note: Don't forget to designate a sober driver. Drive only after waiting one hour for every alcoholic beverage you drink.]
Neuroscience for Kids – Effects of alcohol on the nervous system – How alcohol affects older people differently – Risks of drinking for older people

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