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Author of "Death of an Innocent"

    The "Death of an Innocent" poem tells a powerful story of a responsible teen who did not drink at a party because she knew she would be driving—but she died anyway, because another driver was not responsible.

    This poem has been shared widely over the Internet, on personal and activist Web pages as well as through bulk e-mail on the assumption that its author is unknown. Some, however, claim they know—or are—the author:

 * Eugina Depasse (eugina_520(at), Coalgate, OK, wrote on 5 May 2000:, “I was proud to see this poem on your website. Several years ago, I wrote this poem sitting in a classroom at school. I have seen it on another website, and I didn’t realize how far it would travel. I would appreciate it if you could recognize me as the author, but I will understand if you can’t give me full credit.”

 * Prom Committee, Mount Vernon (Ohio) High School – originally called “Prom Night”, this poem was written in an effort to stop drinking and driving on prom night at that particular high school. (

 * Amy Cain wrote a similarly-worded poem entitled “Mom” while a Maize (Kansas) High School sophomore. Her mother and great-uncle confirmed she is the author. (")

 * David Riddell (

 * Theresa Bonner (")

 * Elizabeth Beeson (

 * And MORE....

As a mother of a teen son who was killed by an alcohol-impaired driver in 1991, I would like to thank whomever it is who really wrote this poem and allowed it to be shared freely with people everywhere.

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