Move to No BAC:  Zero Tolerance For DUI


Move To No BAC – Zero Tolerance For DUI is the domain name for the original "Move To No BAC – Zero Tolerance For DUI" web site which was placed online in summer 1998.  "BAC" refers to "blood-alcohol content", and "DUI" means "driving under the influence".

Purpose was inspired by the life and death of 14-year-old DUI victim Mark Andrew Engle in 1991.  This web site seeks to remind communities about the dangers of alcohol-impaired driving (with any percentage of alcohol present in the driver's blood) and to provide poems and other resources that raise awareness about consequences.


The owner-editor of is the mother of DUI victim Mark Andrew Engle and three older children. Mrs. Engle attended a technical college to learn how to make a user-friendly web site so that she could honor this son who was killed and provide resources for communities around the world that are robbed each time a personality and potential community leader is killed because of alcohol-impaired driving.

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