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DUI Poems


Omnipotent—that’s what I am—
With an alcoholic drink placed in my hand.
I just don’t understand that I’m really not fine,
Or that my judgement’s impaired with each glass of wine.

Invincible—that’s me when I’m drunk—
I don’t realize how far down I’ve sunk
Or how completely unaware that I am,
I believe I can do things I just no longer can.

Unaware and unafraid, I bravely drive my car,
Can’t remember anything that happened in the bar.
So messed up I think I’m fine – I laugh ’cuz life’s a joke.
Though my eyes can hardly focus, I still don’t realize
That all the drinks that I’ve consumed have made me less than wise.

In my mind I think my driving is just fine,
I can’t even see me swerving over the line.
I believe that my senses just aren’t impaired.
Of the oncoming car, I’m completely unaware.

I don’t hear the squealing tires,
I don’t hear the crashing steel,
I don’t know what’s going on,
I can’t understand what just went wrong.

Suddenly it happens—in a moment all has changed.
In an instant life as I once knew it will never be the same.
Too late for me, I pay the price. Please—don’t you pay, too.
Please my friends, don’t drink and drive,

© Dawn. All rights reserved.

      The author says, “Tim’s story is so sad. He was a young man who drove one night after drinking in a bar. Life as he knew it ended that night. In a blink of an eye, our world can change. He still lives in a hospital unable to speak well, is tube fed, needs round the clock care for himself. He’s been this way for 17 years. Please don’t let this story be yours. Don’t let the ones you know and love drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It only takes one time, one mistake, one moment, and life either changes or stops. Don’t Drink and Drive—Please. The life you save may be your own – or your loved one’s...or someone else’s loved one’s. Please Live. Please Live and Let Live.”

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