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Why “ZERO” Tolerance?

Visit hospital critical-injury wards or mortuaries.
Ask the staff how many of their customers have been the victims of impaired-driving crashes. Multiply that number by friends and relatives of each victim...and you will get an idea of the magnitude of the painful results of driving with any blood-alcohol level above .00 percent.

Always drive safely—stay alert, rested, and drugs-free.

a traffic memorial sign honoring Keri Lynn Jannusch, a 16 year old victim of an alcohol-impaired drivermemorial road signs (signs paid for by families of victims of alcohol-impaired drivers in the state of Washington)
Logo: teardrop on a heartThe DWI Victims Panel – a creative sentencing option that sends DUI offenders to listen to victims of alcohol-impaired drivers
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Support Offered for Alcohol Related Survivors (SOARS1)

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